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Sign Magic, Inc. opened in  1995 as a small, 2 man sign shop by two guys named Steve. Finding a name for a sign shop was quite a challenge for the pair of Steves. Of course S and S Signs  was quickly dismissed along with a page of many uninspiring names. After many unsuccessful attempts to finalize the name both Steves agreed upon, they asked the question " What do we really want to do that we will enjoy coming to work each day?" The answer was to be a sign shop that doesn't do the everyday traditional type sign. They wanted to be the place where customers go to when looking for something special and unique; Signs that have that extra "Magic" appeal that helps them stand out. And so the name Sign Magic was the obvious choice. After 23 years and many changes in the industry, the magic is stronger than ever. More technology, experience and craftsmanship comes with time, mastering the skills of design, color and dimensions. It is our goal at Sign Magic to focus on our customer's needs and offer them options to grow their business successfully. Developing a logo, creating new graphics and branding their business name is all part of our consultation.

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